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I don't normally do memes on this journal, but I found this one - already completed - when I was cleaning up my hard drive last night, so I figured what the heck.

Favorite snack: Popcorn. I've been on a kick lately.

Touristy Trip: Paris, Paris, Paris!

Fashion addiction: None. I'm the opposite of a fashionista.

Dessert: Any form of chocolate.

Fast food: French fries.

Beauty Binge: Pedicure at DePasquale.

Late-Night TV: Craig Ferguson.

Chick Flick: Pretty Woman

Nightlife: Dinner and movie at home with Someone.

Cheap Thrill: Window-shopping at Tiffany's.

Ultimate Splurge: Actually buying something at Tiffany's.

Favorite Quote: There are always alternatives. - Spock

Favorite cuisine: Italian.

Interests: Take a look at my user info. ;)

Favorite Music: The Beatles, Anonymous 4, Madonna, Lady Gaga.

Hobbies: Walking, napping, reading, cooking.

Dark or milk chocolate: Very dark.

Thin or thick crust pizza: Thin.

Lakes or oceans: Ocean.

Ben & Jerry's or Häagen Dazs: Whichever is on sale at Stop & Shop.

Lady Gaga or Katy Perry: Lady Gaga.

GLEE or Vampire Diaries: Neither.

Ten or Eleven: Eleven, no contest.

Coke or Pepsi: Coke. It's the real thing. ;)

Growing up, astronaut or supermodel: Astronaut. It's why I'm Dr. Delia.

Date: 2011-12-22 06:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Fashion addiction: None. I'm the opposite of a fashionista.

Except for purses. *g*

Also, yay astronaut!


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